Should I Learn Node Js Or Php? 6 Minute Read

Should I Learn Node Js Or Php? 6 Minute Read

PHPNode.jsUsed in developing CPU-intensive applications like meteorology applications and scientific applications. PHPNode.jsFor versions prior to 5.4, LAMP and XAMPP(acronym for Cross-platform, Apache, MariaDB, PHP) servers had to be setup. It allows users to declare the libraries on which the project depends and it will manage (install/update) them for user. “They follow an agile methodology and work with the client daily to ensure the app runs properly.”

php vs javascript backend

Identify employees who might need additional support or mentoring. The opportunity for a unified stack language draws developers to experiment with Node.js. Front and back end developers can coordinate seamlessly when using the same language, and lower costs. PHP, however, tends to mix HTML and language syntax inside HTML files.

Can Php And Javascript Do Backend Together?

Though you find data storage here but backup service is absent here. Developers can easily use third-party libraries when they code with Python. The major libraries are Python Standard library, Python Package Index , PyTorch, SciPy, TensorFlow and Pandas.

Read on to find out what each does best when it’s the right move to migrate to Node.js, and how to do it. For some purposes PHP is the better tool, but sometimes Node.js has more to PHP Back-End Engineer job offer a particular project. For all we know, the OP was interested in using a services architecture where the PHP portion simply communicated with a service backend written in node.

php vs javascript backend

Both technologies became the basis of multiple frameworks to raise their flexibility for the diverse projects and outline whether PHP or NodeJS development benefits. Google, Pinterest, Trello and Zomato are prominent companies that use Kotlin for tech stacks of Android versions of their applications. C++ is not only an ideal choice for building modern video games but is also highly demanded in online banking, database management, web browsers and the cloud market.

Python is an excellent backend language that was initially introduced in 1991. This object-oriented, functional and dynamically-typed server-side language is famous among developers because of its highly readable nature. This feature enables the developers to use JS scripts for any other project. Indeed, developers can conveniently integrate JS script with any language to build the backend or client-side of an application. JavaScript is a high-level, imperative, lightweight and object-oriented programming language that is used for both client-side and backend development. Although JavaScript, which is also famous by the name of ‘JS’ was initially launched in 1995, but its usage has enlarged significantly in the past few years.


As its name suggests, front-end development encompasses the configuration and design of everything that web surfers see when they use a website or app. It’s the visual aspect of the job that tends to attract those developers with a keen interest for graphic design. These developers’ task is to create interfaces that users will find as attractive as they do intuitive, making the user experience a much more gratifying one. Provide group training resources that account for the varying levels of skill team members may have with JavaScript and Node.js. This should include JavaScript concepts like asynchronous programming, scope, data types, function arguments, function & objects in JavaScript, and callbacks.

  • Even most novices begin their programming career with JavaScript.
  • Do you have an idea for an app that’s going to be a game-changer?
  • If you are in search of an object-oriented and statically typed programming language, then you should consider Scala.
  • Google, Pinterest, Trello and Zomato are prominent companies that use Kotlin for tech stacks of Android versions of their applications.

Correspondingly, C++ also won 4th rank in the TIOBE Index with 9.76% ratings. It is not hard to learn Perl, but it is also challenging to read this language. In addition, if you are a newbie or don’t have much experience with programming, you should avoid learning Perl. Type-Safe —Developers can spontaneously examine the arrays and build error-prone codes with the Type-Safe feature of C#. The unavailability of data backup functions is a core disadvantage of using Java.

Community Support: Asp Net Vs Php

The app delivers a professional tool with fully integrated management & the ability to simplify communication between users & coaches. Likewise, In PHP there are a number of frameworks available that are incredibly popular Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, and Slim. PHP has many users, few supporters, but wider adoption, and as a result a broader appeal in use cases. Daniel “Cache” Merrill is a multiple exit entrepreneur and has served as CTO, a Tech Co-founder, Advisor and Partner in technology companies over the past 20 years. However, updates like PHP 7.0 and Hack/HHVM have added more functionality to PHP. With several of the more pressing issues address by these updates, some developers feel there isn’t enough potential gain to migrate to Node.js.

php vs javascript backend

However, if you like procedure-oriented programming, then Ruby also permits you to follow it. Procedure-Oriented & Object-Oriented —One of the best things about Python is its support for both procedure and object-oriented programming. With OOP property, you can emphasize tasks and architect around objects and data. However, you can concentrate on functions instead of objects with procedure-oriented programming.

Most Helpful Frameworks Supporting Node Js

Dynamic typing also aids in reducing the Ruby scripting and compiling duration. With this kind of typing, coders don’t really need to inspect the typing in any manner. Python acts sluggish during runtime compared to other programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, Java and C++. The core reason for its slow runtime is the use of an interpreter for script execution rather than a compiler. The backend is a component of an application’s code that can only be administered by the development team.

Php Or Node Js 2019

You can also utilize this feature of Perl with natural languages, XML and HTML. Object-Oriented & Procedural —Whether you want object-oriented or procedural programming, you can find both properties in Perl. It is totally your choice to pick a top-down or bottom-up programming approach for your application.

Python definitely needs much room for improvement when it comes to creating mobile apps. Even most novices begin their programming career with JavaScript. Undoubtedly, it is super easy to script the complicated code of JS because of the convenient syntax and plain text editor. JavaScript is a fast language, whether it is about server-side or frontend development. The core reason behind the speed is its ability to run code within the client’s browser. Indeed, JS doesn’t depend on third-party sources, so it doesn’t delay the server.

Whereas Node.js is rarely used to process heavy computation, PHP is a more powerful back-end language from this perspective. Also, it’s more HTML-friendly, cross-platform, and capable of quickly connecting all necessary databases, which makes it a versatile yet exclusively server-side technology. We’ve covered the examples of the best Node.js applications before. As per available public statistics, in February 2018, PHP is the preferred choice’ for server side development. PHP isa general-purpose scripting language that has a unique trait of having a declarative style of writing code. For developers, this means that they do not face any restriction when it comes to the arrangement or the order of the code structure.

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Lazy Loading —With this interesting property of Java, Android engineers can carry the resources in the core memory. This feature is really beneficial for coders to overcome startup time. Interoperability with Java —It has vast interoperability with Java. It could be a great alternative to Java, mainly if you want to update an old Java-based system with new technologies. Case Sensitive —C++ is a case-sensitive backend scripting technology that changes the meaning of a keyword when you write it in upper and lower case. Likewise, the meaning of ‘age’ will be taken differently when you write it with lowercase ‘age’ and uppercase ‘AGE’.

The SQL security feature that ASP.NET provides is automatically applied to the applications and has unlimited data storage. So to settle which is better ASP.NET or PHP security-wise, ASP.NET would be the right choice. The PHP developers are provided with the tool and if they wish they can structure their apps securely. Sadly, many PHP developers don’t care about it and that results in vulnerable apps.

Manipulating data is a core requirement of many dynamic web applications. Due to its long history, PHP co-exists seamlessly with MySQL and its variants like MariaDB. It can also query other prominent SQL databases like Microsoft SQL and Oracle. Node.js can also interact with the database layer, but you will need to install the respective libraries from the npm. PHP may offer a more seamless SQL experience, but you cannot do anything in PHP that you cannot accomplish with Node.js.

Php Mysqli

As a web developer, does it mean you should learn Node.js or PHP? There is still a demand for PHP developers despite Node.js’s popularity. If we consider their strengths and weaknesses, both technologies have a lot to offer. However, depending on the particular project requirements, one technology may be better aligned than the other.

The business segment is much less flexible than the IT sector despite ongoing trends for digital transformation. PHP – a general-purpose scripting language – has grown its community since 1994. Besides being engaged with such popular CMS like WordPress and releasing powerful updates like version 7 really keeps it in the running against the massive distribution of Javascript. Scala is a highly extensible language that gives a free hand to businesses and developers to use it for growing programs.

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