Our state-of-the-art, high-tech workshop

State-of-the-art, high-tech workshop

Vikasitha Enterprise is a name not only synonymous with the best auto spare parts. We also offer a range of services for your vehicle. Our state-of-the-art, high-tech workshop provides services in the manner of vehicle repairs, vehicle refurbishments, and modifications. It’s all under one roof.


You will never imagine nor know when an accident would strike. But there is no need to be worried again because we will be there to help you and repair your vehicle back to excellent condition in no time. With our specialized staff for vehicle maintenance and the use of high quality equipment, we can guarantee a successful repair. We are just a call away to assist you in any similar disastrous situation.


If your air conditioning is troubling you and disrupting a comfortable ride, it is time for our professionals to step in. Polluted air, leaking water, lack of comfort will surely be a headache for you. But the pain is no more; we will repair your air conditioning system at a surprisingly low repair cost. With our reliable AC repair experts, we assure you of a comfortable and healthy air conditioning system. Our trustworthy service has resulted in many happy customers island-wide.


We know that you love your vehicle so much that preserving the performance and quality is at the peak of importance. We provide all kinds of mechanical repair services matching any amount of wear and tear to assist you and bring your ride to the topmost condition. With the latest technical equipment and the expertise of our team, we can guarantee a worry-free process with precise and cost-effective repairs.


Caring and maintaining a quality outer body adds excellent value to your vehicle. Also, our professionals know that a great looking vehicle adds up to the great personality of the owner. Our tinkering and painting team is always there to cater to any tinkering needs and paint your vehicle using high quality and reliable paint materials. We assure you high quality and long lasting final outcome with our superior tinkering and painting services.


Electrical problems and unreliable wiring issues will surely be uncomfortable for you as well as your vehicle. Our electrical repair professionals are confident to handle electrical equipment installations, rewiring your vehicle sockets, repairing damaged electronics and other related issues. With the use of highly recognized equipment and knowledge gained, our experienced team can guarantee you a safe ride with zero sparkling issues nor any damaged electricals.


We do complete vehicle diagnosis and automotive scanning using the latest technology and high-end tools. Our scanner is connected to interface with, diagnose and also reprogram vehicle control modules if needed. With auto scanning, our experts can serve you much more efficiently by identifying issues from a beginner level to a critical level. Our services will not be limited to a few issues, but also, we will cater to any type of issue in your vehicle. We are proud to mention how happy our customers are after having an auto scan and ensuring that their vehicle is at optimum state.


When it comes to vehicles, wear and tear are inevitable even though you own a great hybrid vehicle. But there is a difference in identifying issues in your hybrid and treating your hybrid efficiently. Because of the electrical on-board systems in hybrid vehicles, the issues will go under the unqualified technicians’ and mechanics’ radar. But the hassle is no more; with our experienced hybrid professionals, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and error-free hybrid vehicle repairs.

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